Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to Tanzania!

JB Bike Company Presents
The West Usambara Cultural Tourism Programme

Welcome to the green and fertile Usambara Mountains, where you can experience all facets of African rural life and enjoy the marvelous views over the area. We offer an array of wonderful bike and hiking tours of our home.

We farmers of the Usambara Mountains offer you:

*visits to superb viewpoints on the edge of the mountains
*a visit to several development projects in the district (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, aforestation, health care)
*a climb to Kwa Mongo, the mountain home to a vast number of beautiful butterflies
*walks through dense natural forests and along small rivers that race downhill
*a view into the history and daily life of the Wasambaa farmers
*a visit to a traditional pottery village
*and much more!

Profits will be used within the several development projects in our district. Your visit helps us to improve our living conditions through your contributions.

An Introduction to the Usambara Mountain Range

The Usambara Mountains are situated in the north eastern part of Tanzania between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean. The mountains rise up steeply from the surrounding plains and can only be entered via a few roads. The Tarmac road winds along a small river, up to Soni and Lushoto, the largest towns in the region.

Because of its pleasant climate, the mountains were favored by the Germans and the English during Colonial times as is evidenced by the numerous historic buildings from the past.

From a distance, the mountains are a colorful mosaic. On the fertile slopes around Soni and Lushoto, farmers cultivate small plots. In contrast, farther away from the town’s most populated areas, you will find land covered by dense tropical forests.

The viewpoints on the southern and western side of the Usambara Mountains are well known for their spectacular views of Mkomazi and Handeni plains. The almighty Kilimanjaro can be seen on the horizon, and at the end of the day, the sunset turns the area into a tremendous pallet of unforgettable colors!

Tour Options
We have developed various tour options that show you the most interesting places to visit in this enchanting village. Please take a look below at our offered tours and contact us for further information and to book a holiday.


Our guides are all former students of the Shambalai Secondary School in Lushoto. Some of them have to wait one year for further education, others won’t continue studying and try to find suitable work in the tourism. All speak English, are familiar with the area, and can tell you many stories about the history and daily life of the Shambaa people.

Important Tip
Please be careful and avoid un-authorized guides. Always demand receipts for any payment—this will help to ensure that your fees go towards development activities in our villages.

Getting there
Halfway between Dar es Salaam and Arusha, Lushoto can be reached within 6 hours by direct buses starting from these two towns. Other coaches have a stop in Mombo, where small buses bring you in 1 hour time to Lushoto.

To Book a Tour
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